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gold watch


    Vintage Watches:
    Dear Forum members, Can anyone kindly help in identifying this watch which I picked up at a garage sale. It's a ladies watch in a 9ct gold case with two hinges and is running well. The case measures about 1" across. It seems to me to be of a style that dates perhaps to the 1920s. The...
  2. Ladies solid 14k gold Movado

    My late father was in the watch repair business and I'm going through his collection. I found a working ladies 14K Movado manual wind watch that I'm trying to identify. See various photos. Any recommendations on valuation appreciated as well. This is no joke -- he was a Movado authorized...
  3. Looking For A Little More Info On This Watch (Vintage Geneve Swiss Quartz)

    General Watch Discussions:
    A friend of my grandfathers gave him this watch when he retired, then he gave it to my dad, then my dad does not like it's style so he thought it belonged with me as I do like it's style. It's 585 14K gold at 68g weight sapphire glass. no water or dust protection, it's a bracelet style watch...