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  1. Eco-Drive Charging issues, please help

    Hello, and thanks in advance for your help! I recently scored a U 706 movement Eco-drive and I am having charing issues. Long story short, I am a part time consultant for a local pawn shop for horological items. Sitting in the cas for less than $30 was a Pro master JW0010-52E!!!! They know...
  2. Stopped on 21st at 21s past midnight

    My Citizen Eco-Drive suddenly stopped working on the 21st Nov at exactly 21 seconds past midnight, which I find an odd coincidence. Am I being paranoid? The chronograph buttons do nothing and the date and time can't be moved anymore (the crown just goes round and nothing changes). Any ideas?
  3. SOLD SOLD:*REDUCED*Citizen EcoDrive Proximity Chronograph AT7030-05E

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Citizen EcoDrive Proximity Chronograph I am still cleaning out some of my collection with the goal of refining it and picking up another grail (the only way I can do it with a daughter in college). This is another that was only worn a couple times. No marks, dings or other visible...
  4. SOLD SOLD: Citizen Eco-Drive Primo Chrono -NEW- Orange Racing

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Citizen Primo Eco-Drive Chronograph Orange Racing I am an avid watch collector and have been a member here for a while. Some members here will recognize my screen name from that other now dead/defunct site. (Check out my sales feedback). I am still cleaning out...
  5. Drive by Citizen

    I recently received a new "Drive by Citizen" watch for my wedding anniversary. It's an eco-drive watch so I don't ever have to worry about batteries. I like the subdued but very masculine style of the piece. It has a comfortable black leather strap. The dial is black with a silver mesh...