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  1. Citizen
    Hello, and thanks in advance for your help! I recently scored a U 706 movement Eco-drive and I am having charing issues. Long story short, I am a part time consultant for a local pawn shop for horological items. Sitting in the cas for less than $30 was a Pro master JW0010-52E!!!! They know...
  2. Citizen
    My Citizen Eco-Drive suddenly stopped working on the 21st Nov at exactly 21 seconds past midnight, which I find an odd coincidence. Am I being paranoid? The chronograph buttons do nothing and the date and time can't be moved anymore (the crown just goes round and nothing changes). Any ideas?
  3. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Citizen EcoDrive Proximity Chronograph I am still cleaning out some of my collection with the goal of refining it and picking up another grail (the only way I can do it with a daughter in college). This is another that was only worn a couple times. No marks, dings or other visible...
  4. Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Citizen Primo Eco-Drive Chronograph Orange Racing I am an avid watch collector and have been a member here for a while. Some members here will recognize my screen name from that other now dead/defunct site. (Check out my sales feedback). I am still cleaning out...
  5. Citizen
    I recently received a new "Drive by Citizen" watch for my wedding anniversary. It's an eco-drive watch so I don't ever have to worry about batteries. I like the subdued but very masculine style of the piece. It has a comfortable black leather strap. The dial is black with a silver mesh...
1-5 of 5 Results