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  1. General Watch Discussions:
    Considering buy a Seiko Blue Sumo for it's lume (thanks to feedback from this website!) and unique color / design. Second choice is Seiko Shogun. Third 300MM. Any other dive watch out there you recommend for bright, long last lume? Watch must have date display, automatic movement and preferably...
  2. Other Brands:
    Island Watch Company out of New York is now an authorized dealer! You can go to and you'll be redirected to Island Watch website. Or go direct: I'm not sure how long it has been active. I got...
  3. Reviews:
    The new Android Divemaster 200 is a serious tool watch for the money. Let's start with the substantial, well constructed case (45 mm in diameter with a 15 mm thickness) of brushed stainless steel. The hardened mineral crystal has been treated with a non-reflective coating that provides...
1-3 of 3 Results