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  1. Clinton Dive Watch

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    My Dad was an early SCUBA diver in the 1950's and 60's. I have his dive watch and it runs very well and is in pretty good shape. The only problem is the bezel is missing. I vaguely remember it and I think it had city names around it...time zones. I would really like to find one or a dive...
  2. Introducing the Draken Tugela

    Dive Watches
    Hello WatchFreeks! W recently launched our watch brand on Kickstarter: Link Removed (Read Forum Rules) About us Draken is a new watch company based in Auckland, New Zealand, and founded by myself - Michael Blythe. Inspired by the spirit of the Drakensberg - a mountain range of...
  3. The Draken Tugela

    General Watch Discussions:
    Hi Watch Freeks! I'd like to introduce myself and the watch project I have been working on. My name is Michael. I'm a South African now living in Auckland, New Zealand. About 18 months ago I bought my first automatic watch. From that moment I became obsessed with mechanical watches, but in...