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  1. SOLD SOLD!: Watch travel cases: Dievas and Kronos

    Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    For sale are two excellent examples of watch travel cases. One(Kronos) has a carbon fiber like texture and the other(Dievas) has a textile surface texture. Both have their own pillows and foam guards. Non smoking household. Selling for $20 SOLD! Thank You! Paypal included. I can also...
  2. SOLD SOLD: DIEVAS Classico Blue Professional PRISITINE / LNIB

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    For Sale Only: My beloved Pristine and Clean DIEVAS Classico Blue Professional Dive Watch. It is currently selling for 1045 Euros plus international shipping of 40 Euros. This is approximately $1197.46 (USD). Google DIEVAS CLASSICO BLUE PROFESSIONAL and it will direct you to Dievas' online...