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concord c2

  1. FS: NEW - Concord Men's 'C2' Chronograph Swiss Automatic - D4.6.14.1052

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    First off, this is also listed on eBay, (StephenInAnnArbor) where I have been a member since Aug of 2006. I have 100% positive feedback and just short of 700 transactions. Concord Men's 'C2' Black/Blue Dial Black Rubber Strap Chronograph Swiss Automatic Watch Reference D4.6.14.1052 A friend...
  2. Why I Always Consider Resale Value

    General Watch Discussions:
    I've read many comments that indicate that many don't give much consideration (or any at all) to resale value when evaluating new purchases. We're often sure the next carefully considered purchase will be a perfect watch that will be kept in perpetuity, and so future value is irrelevant. My...