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  1. Casio
    I am having a heck of a time finding a replacement watchstrap for a Pathfinder PAW1100. I found some information that it would be compatible with the PAG80, PRG80 and PRW1000J. I can't find any on Amazon. I did find one on eBay but they want almost $200.00 for it! Supply and demand I suppose...
  2. Casio
    Hello guys, since there are so many variations, I would like to know which is your favourite. I recently bought the Casio Pro Trek PRW-60Y-1AER, and am pretty happy with it, as it has all the features I might need in an adventure, yet it is very elegant to wear daily in a formal situation...
  3. Casio
    Hello fellow freeks! Im a new member on WF and need some help with a watch i've got since 10/11 years or so.. I like casio's and have some that looks old and some newer ones in the collections casio. Im sorting out my watches and came across this beauty, Anyone else owns this watch also...
  4. Casio
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me if this Casio watch is anything special, the “made in Japan” caught my eye
  5. Casio
    Help me take one of these beauties home
  6. Casio
    This might be strange, but I am looking for a list or a catalog of every Casio watch to have ever been invented/made/released since the foundation of Casio as a company all the way to 2021. Would really appreciate any help. Thanks in advance!
  7. Vintage Watches:
    Hi. Need a manual to casio cfx-40 or casio cfx-400 . Can anyone upload it on the web for me or does anybody know where I can find it on the web? Regards MagI
  8. General Watch Discussions:
    I'm looking at getting a new watch, at work I need to be both local time and GMT aware. About 20 years ago I had picked up a Casio and it had some features useful for backpacking, but it died a few months out of warranty...10 years ago I got one of the Casio rugged watches that was solar and had...
  9. Vintage Watches:
    I've got a rare and vintage Casio 83QS-41 dating back to 1979/80 in full working order with a METAL case (unlike the more recent retro models that have a resin and chrome coated finish). All buttons work including the light. It has the original metal strap and only a few very light scratches...
  10. General Watch Discussions:
    Hi guys i am trying to find info on a casio from around 1987-88 is a dress gold toned or filled analog quartz watch Model MQ-3100G Movement 351 serial # 001715 Brand Casio Named Cloche Gold tone Gold Bracelet Battery 317 I bought this watch in 1989, from an authorized casio dealer while in...
  11. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Hello WatchFreeks! I am selling my Casio Men's PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Titanium Sport Watch. The watch is moderately used watch with signs of usage. The features of the watch are as follows - Tough Solar Power, Multi-Band Atomic Timekeeping, 200M Water Resistant, Duplex LC...
  12. Watches For Sale By Owner:
    Hi, I am putting my Casio PRW-2500T-7CR Pro Trek Tough Solar Digital Sport Watch up for sale on eBay. The watch is in used condition and is not cosmetically perfect as it has some scuffs and scratches on the strap as well as on the bezel due to daily usage (mostly desk diving). The dial is...
  13. STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    Hello all, I came across this website and noticed it was very informative for various watches. Was wondering if anyone can help me with 2 questions I had. 1.) I have a Casio C-80 that my father bought when they were new (according to an old Casio ad it is the Casio C-80-5 dark brown resin...
1-13 of 16 Results