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  1. Tag Heuer
    Hello fellow Tag aficionados, Had a quick query to ask of you - the husband and I purchased a Tag Carrera automatic for me yesterday (WAR2413.BA0770) - a simple, elegant classic piece, I think, but am now unsure if I made the right decision and if I should perhaps look at another - one from the...
  2. Tag Heuer
    Sent my Carrera Chronograph to Tag Heuer USA for a "tune-up" after about 6 years in use. No real problems with the watch, just running a tad fast. Decided to spend the extra to send it to the company rather than one of the other, less expensive options, hoping for the best. Wanted to play it...
  3. Tag Heuer
    I'm looking to get a new TAG Heuer watch but not too sure what to get so I was hoping to get some opinions from some of you here on a few models. I like the chronograph look so a lot of the Carrera models seem to fit the bill in that regard, I also like them with a metal strap rather than...
1-3 of 4 Results