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  1. Seiko SSB231P1 vs Bulova 96B262? Which one should I go for?

    Hi, I recently ordered two watches, a Seiko and a Bulova, and can´t really decide which one I should choose. Which is better quality? Is Bulova a good choice in this price range? I maybe like the Bulova better, cause it´s dial is clearer. Thank you! Seiko SSB231P1...
  2. Bulova Moonwatch Reissue - A match to my Omega MOTM

    Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    I saw a couple threads about this watch but wanted to share my piece as well. I have been excited ever since I found out about this piece. A perfect match to my Omega MOTM's. For the money this is a great match if you are a current MOTM owner. In addition, this is a great purchase if you...
  3. 1977 digital Bulova octagonal printed glass needed

    Vintage Watches:
    Hi All, I'm after an octagonal shape printed GLASS for a vintage, digital 1977 BULOVA watch. It is a silver colour, ladies, digital 1977 watch. The number on the case back is # N7, inside the case #121, Movement # 3011.10 S82P. Watch model # is possibly 82370 -s or 82370 -w. There may be a...
  4. New Bulova Automatic

    Just Ordered / Arrived Today!
    I was on a cruise this week with my lady in the Bahamas and I couldn't resist buying a new piece. I've been casually looking at a more dressy watch for my tan, brown, blue, etc. outfits. This Bulova came at a decent price and style I enjoyed. I actually had several watches from Citizen...
  5. SOLD SOLD:SOLD @ another site - Bulova Marine Star two tone open heart automatic

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Bulova Marine Star Automatic two-tone open heart I am still cleaning out some of my collection with the goal of pairing it down and refining it. This is a very nice Bulova that never sees enough wrist time. I would rate this at a 92 due to sizing and age (about 3-4 years). Keeps great...
  6. FS: Bulova Black Dial 96A106

    Watches For Sale By Owner:
    I am cleaning out my collection to make room and one of the pieces I am selling is this Bulova 96A106. It has a display window on the dial to see the movement and a full display case back. It keeps good time, but should be serviced. Second hand doesn't run smoothly all the time. It was like...
  7. Purchase from WatchHunter aka Frank

    Watch Sales / Trade Feedback
    I'd just like to thank and praise Frank for his consummate dealings on the sale of his Catamount Precisionist I recently purchased. It was well packaged and sent promptly by Frank, who kept me advised as it winged its way over the pond. I have to say that after we had agreed a price including...
  8. SOLD SOLD: Bulova Precisionist Catamount Diver w/bezel lock-LNIB

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Bulova Precisionist Catamount Diver w/Locking Coke bezel I am an avid watch collector and have been a member here for a while. Some members here will recognize my screen name from that other now dead/defunct site. (Check out my sales feedback). I am still...