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  1. Cleaning Cases and Bracelets

    Watch School 101:
    Hi All I am looking for some sage advice on cleaning watch cases and bracelets. Over the years I have collected a number of watches, some very cheap quartz pieces and other slightly more expensive purchases such as a few 50’s Seamaster’s and my work horse, the Tissot V8. Unfortunately, due to...
  2. New Strapcode Super Engineer on my Orient Saturation Diver

    STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    So this was all precipitated by James (aka TV Diner) when he changed out the bracelet on his Orient. So I proceeded to try and find the same, or similar bracelet. Well long story shortened, the same was not available but I came up with this great Strapcode bracelet with a brushed top finish...
  3. Need help to remove bracelet from center lug *new poster*

    STRAPS and Other Accessories:
    Hi, I've just recently started maintaining my own watches, but my Pierre Cardin 3738 is presenting a problem with the bracelet. It was my first good watch and I've had it for 10 years now. It is filthy and scratched and I'm trying my hand at cleaning and polishing it. I've got an ultrasonic...
  4. SOLD: Staib 22mm Mesh ~ $90

    Finished Sale or Trade Threads
    Up for your consideration is a Staib 22mm mesh. The bracelet is brushed and in very good condition, with only a few minor scratches on clasp. Thick mesh, 3.5mm. All links will be included as well. CONUS Only. PayPal Only. Please PM me with any questions
  5. SOLD: Bracelet for SARB065 Cocktail Time! ~ $32

    Watch Strap and Accessories Sales:
    This bracelet is BRAND NEW. It fits the Cocktail Time perfectly, no alterations needed! I purchased it for $37 from Only negative was that it came with a very small scratch on the corner of an endlink and instead of going through the hassle of sending it back to Singapore ...
  6. Need help with Movado bracelet clasp

    Hi, folks, new to this forum. I have this 7 year old Movado MEZA 0604858 where the clasp got damaged, there is a little piece of metal missing (pink arrow). This is the piece that holds the teeth to keep the clasp closed, it should look as the one indicated by the yellow arrow. I can't...
  7. Steinhart Bracelet modification / fix

    Watch Modifications & Builds
    My Steinhart GMT Ocean 1 that I received Monday is a beautiful watch. There was one issue. The clasp on the bracelet did not sit flat on my wrist. So I took the bracelet loose from the clasp and put the curved folding parts in a vice, flattened them quite a bit, and now it's much better. In this...