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Default Strap and accessories Review: Shane David Designs Horween Strap and Wallet

Reviewer: Don aka Tattoo Chef

Products being reviewed: Shane David Horween Essex English Tan strap and Horween Dublin Wallet.

Company Website:

About: (From Website)

My name is Shane David, I am a small part time leather craftsman based out of Pennsylvania USA. I have been making watch straps and wallets since 2013. I take great pride in my work. I strive to take a simple piece of leather and make it into something wonderful. My hope is you will enjoy your order as much as I enjoyed making it. I am a perfectionist by nature. This is a challenging character trait to have while creating works by hand. From my childhood ,I recall an art teacher trying to explain to me that not all of my lines need to be perfect and connected. I couldn't relate to that theory until I began leather work and realized sometimes there is beauty and perfection in the imperfections and blemishes in a natural hide. I have a passion for what I do and I love the concept of creating something with my hands that will bring somebody joy. I spend many late nights in my humble work area with music playing softly while I get lost in my work. When you handle one of my leather creations I hope you will feel the love, time and passion that I pour into each and every project. I hope to work with you on your next leather project. Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions or concerns you may have.


Contact Info: [email protected]

Stock Photos:

Strap specifications
Width: 24/24mm
Length: 130/80mm
Thickness: 4.2mm
Keepers: 1 wide keeper
Stiffness: NONE
Stitching: cream colored thread
Holes: round
Buckle: brushed Pre V
Strap Price $99

My Photos:

Strap Thoughts and Impressions:

This was my first experience with Horween Essex leather, as I have only had chromexcel and cordovan Horween up until this point. Let me just say, pretty much the softest leather and strap I have ever encountered. Like butter is truly an understatement. The leather is super soft to the touch and as such, feels great against the skin.
This strap from Shane David can be ordered in any length or thickness, of course, and with any color stitching. This version is the English Tan color, which to me I refer to as butterscotch or a light caramel color. I chose one large floating keeper as that is what I like, but again, you can choose two standard keepers, a fixed keeper etc.

The strap has natural edges, meaning no dyes, to keep that color throughout.
Stitching is very well done, and the strap just wraps around the wrist. It has to be one of the most comfortable straps I have ever worn.

Because it is so soft though, and has no rigidness at all to it, I don't know if you want to wear it every single day though. This is the type of strap in my opinion, that needs some breathing room if you will, and wearing it everyday could wear it out quicker. Not that this strap will fall apart, far from it as it is constructed very well, but it creases and bends easily.

That said,though, its a fantastic strap, that if you take care of it, you should get a lot of use out of. This particular color looks great on black dials, blue dials, brown dials, etc and would look good with bronze watches too.
For Shane being a new strap maker, I was very impressed with the quality of this strap, and I definitely see more of his straps in my future.

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