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Default Strap Review: GasGasBones T.8B Leather Strap

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This strap was donated for review.


The T.8B leather strap is made from soft supple leather in a chestnut conker colour. It has a light patina to the leather which will only get better as the strap is worn in though It will need little wear in time to achieve a comfortable fit due to it already being very flexible.

The strap is of parallel design and I have thickened up the watch end and tapered down to approximately half way down the strap. Just shy of 5mm thick at the connecting ends the strap is tapered from the holes and is then 2.8mm. One fixed wide 10mm keeper and one removable 10mm keeper. The edges are smooth and have been rubbed back with hickory wood.

Fitted here with the standard finish brushed buckle which I think you will agree looks fantastic it will also suit the GGB blued version very well.

This strap is available in 20, 22, and 24 mm sizes. Lengths of 120/70, 125/75, 130/80, 140/90, & 145/95. There are 8 different stitch colors available and 3 different buckle options.

Cost: 55.00 (Approx. $88 USD)
Stiffness:Scale of 1-10 a 3,soft and pliable right from the get go


I place the GGB T.8B stap on my Lum-Tec M53 for evaluation. As you can see it looks great. Here are two pictures. One with and one without measurements.

Off the watch:

In this set of front and rear photographs you can see the excellent craftsmanship highlighted by the superior stitching seen in these shots.

On the wrist:

Plenty of room on this strap to tuck the tail into both keepers. This is the 140/90 mm version shown on my 8.25" wrists. There is no taper to this strap so it has a strong appearance around the entire wrist.

Off the wrist:

These shots highlight the padded feature that dresses up this strap. Notice how precise the holes look. The first keeper is fixed and the second is floating and removable.


I think the following picture tells you everything you need to know about this strap:
1) It is gorgeous
2) It is very well made
I enjoyed the evaluation period on my M53. The strap was breaking in nicely and in a very short amount of time. I am looking for another watch in order to find a permanent home for this well made strap.

GasGasBones is known for their high quality bespoke nylon watch straps. After taking this one for a test drive I can tell you that they will soon be known for their high quality leather straps as well. The stitching on this watch is very, very well done. The padding is a nice touch and helps give this strap an extra touch of styling that separates it from the pack. I really can't find anything to complain about. At $88 USD I find this a great dollar value. The size options allow for wrists of all sizes to custom order one that provides a perfect fit. There are a generous number of stitching options to get the custom look you want. I still want to try a GGB bespoke nylon strap, because of the great things I've heard about them. But, if you are looking for a very good leather strap for a special piece then you should start your search here. I'll bet it ends here as well.
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