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Default Strap Review: CB Straps - CANVAS (Black)

Reviewer: Mike aka UKWolfeman
Strap Reviewed: CB Straps Canvas - Black

Company Info:

Price: $60 without buckle or $74 with buckle USD

Thoughts and Impressions: As many of you are aware I have owned and reviewed many canvas straps from Diaboliq, Vintager, Maddog, Dangerous 9 and Drew. So when CB released a canvas strap I really wanted to see how it stacks up against the rest. The strap arrived like many straps in a standard bubble envelope. While I appreciate the efforts of many strap makers using pine boxes, leather pouches or other packing material I prefer it simple as there really isn't any need for extravagant packaging for a strap. The strap measures 22/22mm, 130/85mm in length, and over 3.5mm thick. The typical cost is $60 without a buckle and $74 with a buckle (in this case Pre-V).

The strap material is cotton canvas. No glues are used in the canvas so the strap should be waterproof according to CB. The strap is rather stiff and rough to the touch initially which is as expected with a new canvas strap. The canvas does break-in well allowing for more flexibility which increases comfort on the wrist. The break-in also seems to make the strap feel softer as well. The strap edges are finished well with FOLDED EDGES, a HUGE plus, which will prevent fraying which I have experienced with other canvas straps. I personally do not prefer a frayed appearance while I know some do. If that is your preference then this configuration may not be for you. The canvas strap came with two (2) matching keepers one being fixed with the second floating. I'd like to see a fixed leather keeper and floating canvas as standard just to provide a little variance in appearance. The linen stitching incorporated into the strap design is even throughout for the most part and I almost see it as a necessity with a canvas strap. Im not certain a canvas strap with minimal to no stitching would look all that great. Biggest issue with a dark color keep that in mind.

I would place this variation of the CB Canvas in the same style with the Diaboliq Canvas previously reviewed as well as Drew Canvas Straps as they seem to be constructed in a similar fashion with folded edges and no leather backing. Overall, the CB canvas strap is constructed well and is a great value based on the costs of other canvas straps on the market if one can have patience with overseas shipping timeframes.

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