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Default Strap Review: Diaboliq Swiss Army Infantry CANVAS Strap

Reviewer: Mike W aka UKWolfeman

Strap being reviewed: Diaboliq CANVAS
Strap was donated for review.

Location: Düsseldorf, Germany

Email: [email protected]

About/History: "Since I am a professional industrial designer, I was always into natural materials like wood and leather; my works mostly incorporate xombinations of these 2. I started making straps back in 2009 when I couldnt find a strap long enough for my 8.5" wrist back then and it started as my passion project. Then some of my WIS friends saw the strap and wanted to have one as well and then one Michigan based friend asked me "why dont you offer these on the market? These already look professionally made" and so I started making them full time. I am rather concentrated on quality more than on quantity of the straps and I never make 2 exactly the same copies - I always add a twist to them. I make them only when fully concentrated and never under pressure. I mostly work with 30 or so recurring customers because they keep on returning on a monthly basis, they understand me and I understand their wishes as well so it is a mutual respect thing. My objective is to have satisfied customers which keep coming back and now I even became really good friends with few of them; friendship then becomes inevitable. Waiting times were longer but now are under 2 weeks, sometimes immediate, sometimes few days; 2 weeks is the top waiting time."

Width - 24/24mm
Length - 130/80mm
Thickness - 3.5mm
Price - $73 USD without buckle

Thoughts and Impressions:

The strap arrived wrapped in a heavy paper with a wax seal (fleur de lis) and tied off with thread. The wrapping is also signed by Joe the strap maker. I really like the wax royal seal approach to sealing up the package. The material for the strap was taken from Swiss Army Infantry Canvas bag dating back to 1963 and this is the 2nd all canvas strap produced by Diaboliq. Other variations can have leather padding but always double fold for extra toughness. The strap measures 24/24mm, 130/80mm in length, and 3.5mm thick. The typical cost is $73 without a buckle. Diaboliq offers various buckle choices ranging from $15 - $20.

The strap is rather stiff and rough to the touch initially as expected with a new all canvas strap. After some break-in the canvas does feel softer and is quite flexible. The strap wasn't super comfortable on the wrist initially, however, after the break-in period it ended up quite comfortable similar to how a nice ammo strap feels after a break-in period. The stitching is precise and even throughout the strap. The strap edges are finished well, a HUGE plus, which will prevent fraying which I have experienced with many other canvas straps. I know many do not like the canvas fraying so this type of finishing will be more to your liking. The canvas strap came with two (2) leather keepers one being fixed and a third in all canvas. Nice option for varying the look of the strap as I can not imagine using all three keepers. The strap is also supposed to be waterproof. I have not yet had the opportunity to check the waterproof aspect out. The leather keeper of course would have to be treated well.

I have had experience with canvas straps from Vintager, Maddog, Dangerous 9 and Drew. I would place this variation of Diaboliq Canvas in the same class with a Drew canvas as they seem to be constructed in a similar fashion and neither utilize a leather backing while the others mentioned do. This canvas strap is an incredible second effort by Diaboliq and the material utilized would work well with a wide range of watches.

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