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doglover wrote:
I'm tempted on this one. With the sale at Amazon it is just $81.00 with a metal bracelet.
I had the all black version of that model and still have my GW2000BD which pretty much has the same case. You'll want to know, that model is fairly small for a 8.75" wrist.

Depending on your tastes though, if you like smaller watches relative to your wrist size, than that model is great and is UBER comfy.

If you like larger watches relative to your wrist size, I would go for the recommendations that maliboo and dpage suggested. Those are newer models and are much larger.

I'm partial to the new G9300 Mudman in your price range for a larger Gshock that would fit nicely on a 8.75" wrist. I have girly wrists compared to yours and and I love my Mudman.

Dougfnj did a review on it and he compares some of the larger Gshock sizes at the end of his review, which might help you compare.


Good Luck in your hunt.

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