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Tattoo Chef wrote:
Caddymon wrote:
Mesh Guy wrote:
It looks like we may be moving to Santa Monica over the summer. we lived there 20 something years ago and caught great concert series in the park and on the pier. I havent kept up with that but I will check it out if we move. I got to see and even chat with Dizzie Gilespie (sorry for the spelling) in a Santa Monica jazz series so I need to go back for more of anything even half as good as that was. Of course, he is long gone now but I think they still run jazz in the summer. Long Beach does a jazzfest for sure but I
will wait for Santa Monica to avoid the driving. I can deal with the city stuff, the smog, and all the negs of city life just fine but I cant stand long drives in traffic to see a show. Just takes the joy out for me, I guess. We stopped going to the Hollywood Bowl for that reason about 2 years ago. Sad but true.
I hear you Nate. What got me was Eric Clapton announced his farewell tour a few years back and the prices here were well over $100 a ticket then guess what a couple years later he is back. Some farewell money grab. Not just Clapton but many of the old bands do this and it really turns me off. Vegas has some great free music there are Santa Monica should have a lot of great musicans there too. We have a great venue here called the Gorge its 2 hours east of Seattle and they have a summer concert series there every summer. The backdrop is an incredible slice of nature.Its an overnighter for me and a great place to watch a show when the weather is good.


So what? Id pay over $100 to see Clapton. I understand what you are saying, but just like any other celeb, their agents, the promoters, etc, they want their money and a profit as well.

To me concert prices are worth it. A good night out and alot of fun. I have paid big money to see Billy Joel and Elton John as well.
I guess I just dont mind cause its something I really enjoy is all. Not raggin on ya CJ.

Thats a good point if you only have to buy one ticket. It can get up there with more tix to buy, + dinner, + etc. Still, I'd see 100 for Clapton as well worth it. I'd love to see him play in a smaller venue. That would be ideal for me.

Summer series are usually outside and you can bring a blanket and food with you. Those are economically much nicer for my budget. When I lived in Cincinnati, I used to catch the Summer Jazzfest (at the Zoo of all places) and saw great concerts from Ray Charles to Randy Newman there. I can't remember all the headliners but there were a lot and it wasn't that expensive. Everybody was cool then, too.

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