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Originally Posted by IAmScott View Post
Sorry to hear that. Ebay needs to get their act together and find a way to go after these scumbags. I had sold a piece....or so I thought, ...then guy payment . Help from fleabay ? Nope, nada..zilch. There was a time when they would hold folks it's tap dancing

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EBay SAYS there is "seller protection", but in reality unless you have overwhelming evidence in your favor, they almost always side with the buyer. And as i learned before, even if eBay sides with you, PayPal can still side with the fraudulent buyer and they don't seem to give two shits what sort of evidence you have....they sure didn't in my case.

During my 2 hours on the phone with eBay last night i kept asking what they were going to do about this obvious scammer. The evidence was clear, yet it seems like because he has good buyer feedback they are just going to let it slide. I have no doubt the scammer will try again with other people. Hes on my block list now anyway, but I pulled the few items I had for sale off eBay and i don't plan on relisting them.

All those fees ebay and PayPal take and they do nothing to help weed out the scammers or punish the ones that get caught.

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