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Default Squale Onda arrived..Poor Man's Yachtmaster!

Squale Onda UVA. The Poor Man’s Yachtmaster!

1st Impressions…………….WOW!

The watch is even more impressive in person then from internet photos. This is my first Squale and I must say the fit and finish on this polished case is nice, if not nicer then my Rolex, and the 1:1 clone fake I own.

Dare I say that with the beautiful “Onda” (Italian for Wave) dial it has, I think if is even more impressive looking to me then the “Real” Yachtmaster, except for the rose gold two tone model.

The case dimensions list almost the same as on my Jade Monster, yet the lug design has it riding considerably lower on the wrist, almost like it is a 12mm case.
The raised marker bezel is outstanding looking, similar in looks to the Yachtmaster , but with smaller more subdued numerals. The bezel action is smooth, with little back play, that then locks the bezel in place. Since I never use the bezel anyways it purely there for me as an aesthetic.

The entire case is highly polished as well as the chapter ring. The bezel actually sticks out a little on each side of the case affording some protection to the case being scratched.

The crown is severely recessed, and hard to screw in and out due to that. If anything this is the only fault I can find with the design. I wound the watch up and set it to NIST Time and the watch after 24 hours is running +-0 seconds, dead on!

Took in two different pools, mine and a friends house who was having a pool party, and as expected being a dive watch, it didn’t leak

The rubber strap it came on was well made, supple and large enough to fit my 8” wrist. The strap has those ripples at the end that fit the case like a Seiko strap and look completely out of place on a watch of this beauty, in fact after trying out other strap options I am of the opinion that this watch shouldn’t on a strap at all and I put on a mesh one until the Bead of Rice bracelet arrives.

Onda 1 by Charles Ford

Onda 2 by Charles Ford

Onda 3 by Charles Ford

Onda 4 by Charles Ford, on Flickr

The final destination for this watch will be on this Beads of Rice bracelet... the frosting on the cake!

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