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Originally Posted by forzaferrari View Post
This is a weird one for me. I think the black dial looks hideous. But I love the white dial. The others, meh. Maybe its the pics. Anyway, I like the internal bezel. Think I'd take a nice leather strap over that chinzy looking bracelet. Not a big fan of the noisy 9015. Maybe could've used an NH35A or an NE series movement and made it a bit cheaper.

It's funny how different dials can change up the same watch isn't it

Have to agree too on the white here. ..It just flows perfectly with the
style, and design of the hands, markers, and everything. Every detail
just seems to work together better on that one.

Yup, and the leather strap really does kick up the class like you said !

Oh, and haven't experienced the 9015, but will definitely take your
word for it both noise, and price wise.

Thanks so much for chiming in sir !!!
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