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Originally Posted by arogle1stus View Post
I viewed a film titled "Turn it up".
Subject was the difference in 50's and 60's axes cpmpared to millenial guitars.
Many of my fave guitarists weighing in on differences between the 2. If memory
serves me right Leo Fender guitars in that range are in the $200,000,00 category
A 61 Flame Burst Les Paul $300,000.00. How many Patek Phillipe Calatravas can
that buy?
Crazy money for those guitars. Even '70s era Fenders and Gibsons which weren't exactly known for QC are soaring higher and higher. I have a '70 Strat that is climbing in value to the point I'm more and more tempted to sell it. I mean it's not even that great a guitar. I have less valuable Fenders that are lighter, more comfortable, sound as good or better and that I play more. Why aren't vintage Rickenbackers appreciating at a higher rate? I can pick up a mid-'60s 360 for $4K!
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