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Default Rory Gallagher

Well folks, I'm afraid I have to take you back yet again to my youth. 1976 or thereabouts. In high school back then there were two 'music' (and lifestyle) camps. 'Blues' and 'Disco'. Blues was an all encompassing term for music styles like, well, blues but also rock, hard rock, blues rock, etc. Everything the hated (by us) 'Disco' wasn't. The 'Disco' camp however was populated by 'hot chicks' while the 'Blues' camp was populated by more stout and less refined ladies

Anyhow, it was back then that I was introduced to a musician by the name of Rory Gallagher. That man was (and still is) the epitome of the true nature of blues. A simple and humble man by nature, always clad in a chequered lumberjack shirt, jeans and boots, long hair and playing the most beat up Strat I had ever seen. But boy, oh boy, could he play that guitar!

There's a popular urban legend that goes like this: after a reporter once asked the equally great Jimi Hendrix how it felt to be the greatest guitar player in the world he replied: "I don't know, ask Rory Gallagher".

I bought his latest posthumous 3 CD album (called simply Blues) a week ago, containing previously unreleased material (yeah, sure.....) but it really, really delivers. If you are a Rory fan, buy it!

Now picture a very young Frans at high school, pimples and greasy half long hair and all, dressed exactly like Rory.... And with a pair of glasses to boot

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