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Originally Posted by WatchMedic View Post
well, dont let all those fancy dials and hands fool you.
all of them have to be adjusted manually. none are controlled by the movement except the actual time and the date. (which actually seems to switch over promptly at midnight) there are two "hidden" pushers countersunk on the other side of the watch that set the year and the written day, and the normal pushers by the crown set the month and day.
the 6 o'clock dial just goes between night and day, not a moonphase....i have no idea what the numbers or hand do. (seemingly nothing)

however, it IS sporting an actual seagull automatic movement, which seems to keep good time (as well as any of my seiko or miyota movements thus far, and it does appear very dressy.

one of the watch review youtubers i follow (just one more watch) (hes in Australia) mostly showcases affordable watches. hes done a lot of seikos, tisell, phoibos, along with a ton of other affordable microbrands. (usually well under $1000) he also loves to showcase what he calls "Chinese specials" and often links to what he finds on Gearbest and Aliexpress. he does a lot of $40-$80 Chinese made watches. surprisingly enough, a lot of them have automatic movements, sapphire crystals, and solid link bracelets with solid endlinks. some even sporting seiko movements.

its kinda what inspired me to grab this one. just something to fun around with until i get a proper chronograph. =)

anyway, what good is watch collecting if you cant have fun with it, right?

Right sir, you hit it right on the head.

It's all about having fun, and you know what?! ..Those unique ways of
setting things, like with those "hidden pushers" for example make this
watch that much more interesting. Then at the end of the day it has
an automatic underneath it all too. Which is the icing on the cake !

So neat hearing about the YouTube channel too by the way, and how
it guided you to adding this to the collection. Very cool !

Hope you are really enjoying !!!
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