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Default picking a chronograph

while im on a kick of branching out a little from my usual watch fare, i have been thinking about getting a chronograph. An automatic seems a little out of my budget right now (especially after picking up the pair of Steinharts) so i was thinking of going quartz (auto chronos are expensive!) (one day though I WILL own a valjoux 7750 powered chrono!)
ive been looking at a few, but i have no experience with any of them.

Dan Henry (I like the 1964 on a bracelet)
Deep Blue Air Blue navigator. (nice engineer bracelet)
Seagull 1963 (not a quartz, i know....but i still like it)

im sure i have missed quite a few options so im open to suggestions.
definitely should fall under $500.
the air blue and dan henry are under $200, which is nice and the seagull is under $300.
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