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Originally Posted by GoodWatch View Post
The 'museum':

Originally Posted by GoodWatch View Post
And this just 50% of the collection

Yowza Frans, somehow missed the tour of the museum !

Actually can tell that every ONE of these treasures in in the right
hands to be totally honest. I mean you don't have these items in
order to sell them off, or anything. ..You have them because you
really appreciate them, and what they mean, and have a really
cool connection to not only the items, but times they came from !

Think it's extraordinary sir, and just love how many different
hobbies, or interests you are into. ..You really could, or should
make a museum there !

"Frans's Fantastical Time Machine Museum !"

How's that sound?!! ..Thanks so much once again Frans ! Wow,
have to take all of this in for a little longer !!!
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