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I'm a big fan of the Alpnach and Airboss chronographs, but other than that, I'm leaning Hamilton. I just don't think the VSA models under these are up to the same build quality as a Hamilton.

That said, I had Hamilton divers recently in both 3-hand and chronograph versions and the quality was not there. Seemed cheap to me for the money. They were the ones where the case has holes you can see through. The bezels were terrible and they just seemed plasticky. The only disappointing Hamiltons I've owned.

I should disclose that the quartz VSA Divemaster diver rubbed me the wrong way. Seemed cheap for the price. I have not handled the mechanical version.

I would recommend with Hamilton that you look closely at pictures of the dial and hands. From my experiences, Hamilton watches that have plasticky looking dials and cheaper hands seem to not live up to the rest of the line. If you own enough of them, you'll see what I mean.

EDIT - Whoops! The INOX. That watch seems like a killer deal to me. Everything seems tough, down to the torquey second hand and lack of gear train slop when adjusting the time. Everything seemed tight and solid. Great watch.
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