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Just a little FYI (totally unrelated to watches)

From TVDinner's first post:

"WATER RESISTANCE: 30ATM (300m or 1000 feet) designed for use in saturation diving using helium and oxigen gas."

To aid in diving deeper for longer duration the gas used is a mixture of Helium and Oxygen. By removing the Nitrogen (approx 79% or regular air) the risk of Rapture of the Deep (Nitrogen Narcosis) is removed. But, you still must decompress and give time for the Helium to come out of your tissue/blood stream prior to surfacing. As we know from all the Helium release valves on our little works of art, Helium actually makes smaller bubbles and difuses throughout your body tissue. Nasty nasty nasty time if you get a case of the bends with Helium.

P.S. - For any of you that are cost concerned such as myself. HeliOx is very expensive. Not jsut your normal balloon filling Helium.

Thanks for listening/reading. Now, back to your normal station.
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