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Originally Posted by arogle1stus View Post
Sure hope what happen to me doesn't happen to you during your wait.
I ordered one of my best watches ever and it seemed like a 1,000 pins
were sticking me while I waited!!!

Further, I couldn't keep from following the tracking info trying to decide
where it was in it's trip to me.n.

That's when I determined I needed to lighten up!!! Wife said I looked
like I could butt a hole into a wall.

Lou Snutt
During the past years I have cemented a rock solid patience, built by waiting for months on pre-ordered watches that were even more months late. And don’t forget KickStarter, a year over due for a reward to arrive is no exception. Or it never arrives. That’s why I have stopped with KickStarter, 3 projects down the drain and money lost.
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