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Reviewer: Don aka Tattoo Chef

Item being reviewed :*24mm black ISOfrane Dive Strap

Strap was purchased for myself.

Company Website:

About Isofrane:

Today's ISOfrane dive strap bears the same design as the original ISOfrane dive strap of the 1960s. ISOfrane was standard equipment for several iconic dive watches of the era.

2010 marks the return of the ISOfrane strap!

Isofrane History:

When the makers of some of the most iconic dive watches of the 60’s and 70’s needed a rubber strap they chose ISOfrane!

Sometimes the simplest design is the most advanced –

When the ISOfrane dive strap debuted, it quite literally changed the shape of diving - or at least the shape of dive straps!

Before, the ISOfrane dive straps were usually made from rubber. They were sticky, uncomfortable and would often blister and crack in extreme conditions. These straps were even harder on the divers wearing them. Without ventilation, the skin doesn’t breath.

The ISOfrane strap changed all of that.

The ISOfrane strap was the result of a more humane design. ISOfrane straps were manufactured from isoprene.

The original ISOfrane straps were manufactured using a compound called isoprene. And just what is isoprene? Isoprene is a colorless, liquid hydrocarbon that is obtained in the processing of petroleum and/or coal tar and is used as a raw, chemical material.
Isoprene was far more durable, and maintained its looks.

Facebook Page -*

Specs for 24mm
Physical strap length = 200 mm*
Effective strap length = 195 mm
Strap width = 24 mm
Strap buckle width = 22 mm
Thickness at lug = 5.5mm
Thickness at end = 3.7mm
Strap Color = Black


ISOfrane straps come in 3 sizes and colors. 20,22, and 24mm . Black , Blue , and Orange.

They also come with 2 buckle choices. The "IN" buckle or the "RS" buckle.




You also have a choice of brushed or polished,*stainless or PVD.

There is also a dive extenstion available.


ISOfrane straps range in price from $99 to $129 , plus shipping, depending on the strap width and buckle/finish options.

My Pictures:



This review is obviously a little different than most , as it is a strap, and not a watch.

I wanted to do a review on this strap, because, like most, I was very skeptical of how good it could be for the price.

$100 for a rubber strap? Are they crazy ? Are they out of thier minds? This was my first reaction to ISOfrane straps.

Is the price a little steep? YES. Is it worth it? Without question.

This is by far the best rubber strap on the market in my opinion.* From a design standpoint, with the double angled keepers, the angled edge of the strap at the end, the very thick buckle with screws instead of friction pins, it is a killer looking strap. The vent holes serve a major purpose, as not only is it a great look , but make it easy to wear in even the hottest weather, and they allow your skin to breath.

Comfort is off the charts. I can wear it one slot down than I normally would for a strap, due to how the strap just hugs the wrist perfectly, and even though it is looser than I would normally wear, it does not slide and stays right in the middle of my wrist.

It is very pliable, hypoallergenic, stain and water resitant and cleans up in a second. No dirt or lint catcher here. There are many look alike straps that have come out in the last year, make no mistake, they might look like it, but they are no comparison to an ISOfrane.

If you love rubber straps and want the best you can buy, or are not the biggest fan of rubber, try one of these, you will not be dissapointed. They are flat out the best rubber strap in my opinion, period. I find myself, taking straps and bracelets off other watches, and putting the ISOfrane on it. Anything with a 24mm lug has been earmarked for a strap change for the ISOfrane is just that good.

Any member that was at the recent Greensboro NC get together this past weekend that looked at it, will attest, it is an awesome rubber strap. I plan on ordering an orange one in the future as well. Just that damn good.

So, I just wanted to give my opinions on it. For anyone on the fence, go ahead and give it a try, I*am sure *you will not be dissapointed.


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