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Default Can anyone tell me anything about this 'Swiss Army Brand' watch please?


Sorry, I realise that my watch wasn't made by Victorinox, but wondered whether anyone here could offer any guidance? I bought it in the New Year Harrod's sale with my first ever paycheck about 20 years ago. It's since been sitting in a cupboard so is in good condition and I got it up and running for the first time since then with a new battery today.

With a little Googling, I discovered that 'Swiss Army Brand' was the marketing name for Forschner Swiss Army watches in the 1990s, as part of the long and complicated history of the Swiss Army name.

It has a 'stopwatch' that moves the second hand round in half second intervals, counts the minutes around up to 30 minutes in the left hand side mini-dial and the hours move around up to 12 hours in the right hand side mini dial. All the dials of the stopwatch can be reset to zero with a single push of the lower rhs button, and it seems to have a nice, accurate movement when it does so. There's also a date mini-dial at the bottom.

The jeweler who replaced the battery said it would cost 100s to service because the "mechanism isn't available any more". I don't have the receipt any more but from memory I think the RRP was about 400+ at the time and I paid half of that because it was on sale. I have no idea whether watches like these keep any value? Not that I want to sell it, just wondered.

It's 100m waterproof. The number '18780' appears on the back but I can't find anything under this with a basic Google search. There's also a little '125' on the strap but I suspect this might be the strap type number or something about the stainless steel.
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