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Originally Posted by Chazman1946 View Post
I purchased this model Zodiac Seawolf on a Navy ship in 1966 when I was in the Marines. It cost me a $120. At the time the ships store was also selling Rolex Submariner's for $180. I liked the looks of the Zodiac more, and it also had a date window which for me back then was a plus.

I ended up getting rid of the Seawolf (sold it for $25.) after it crapped out on me after 7 years and was too costly for me at the time to get fixed.

Fast forward 50 years and if I had spent another $60 and bought and kept the Rolex, it would be worth over $10K right now. Wish I could take a time machine back to council my younger self on that purchase decision.

damn if hindsight isn't 20/20 huh. That would be an awesome piece @ this stage of its life.

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