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I wasn't going to post this because I don't want any credit. But I thought it may help someone else that is struggling. I do this stuff to keep me sober and to help my fellow man.

Every year between Christmas and New Year's I go downtown in my city and bring clothes and thermos's of coffee for the gentle souls there. I did this even when I was messed up myself.

Jan.2 2011, I was driving back to my house from a long day downtown, I was at a red light and I saw a man that looked way far gone and was so drunk couldn't make it across the street. I parked and ran to help him, as I was doing so, I looked him in the face and it was a friend that I hadn't seen in years. I loaded him in to my Jimmy and home we went. I ran a bath, peeled the clothes off him, fed, and gave him a bed. For 2 weeks we sat and talked, all the while he was detoxing on my couch. I attend those meeting in church basements, so I brought him along to them. Longer story short, I found him a sober house to live in and a job 2 days a week, (dignity builder). I am glad to report as of today he is 25 days sober. God Bless him for the work he is doing. Warms the heart that he is in a much better place now. GIDDY up
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