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About this time last year a very dear friend of our family passed away from ALS. This was the first holiday season her family had to spend without her, so we made them a huge Christmas meal and took over to them. I know that was last year, but bare with me. They were so thankful that it almost brought tears to the eyes of myself and my family. The date that she actually passed away was 1/14, so this passed Saturday my whole family went over to their house and took them out to breakfast and then took them out to run errands, go shopping, whatever they needed to do. My wife, mother and I took the husband and oldest daughter to see a movie that they both really wanted to see. My kids took the younger kids to see a Disney movie.

Just our way of helping through a hard day. Of course, tears were shed by both families, but it seemed to help both sides by having someone there to lean on.

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