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I think the first nice thing (for others) I did in 2011 was to help my next door neighbor take down her Christmas lights.
She is elderly, lives by herself, and only has a little step stool for lift.

One of our younger neighborhood friends had helped her put them up during December; she explained that he was not at home to help take them off the house and the garden gazebo. She wanted to take them down "right away" because there was rain in the overnight forecast which worried her.

I have known this woman since my wife & I moved in; she's seen my kids born, grow up, and she always returns the toys that fly over the fence into her yard.
Honestly, how could I not help?

So, we brewed some coffee, out came my ladder and we chatted while I put her lights & decorations away. Later, after putting Christmas away, we were sipping coffee on her porch as it began to rain.

Perfect timing.

It's a good thing those lights came down too, because at some point during that stormy night her aluminum gazebo was blown over and crashed into our shared fence! Too funny.

"Well, how 'bout that!"~ Zoe (my daughter, pictured)
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