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Wallet Specifications:

Shane David Designs Billfold Wallet
Horween Dublin leather, with black pigskin lining. Tan stitching.
Dimensions: 4.12 Inches tall, 2.8 inches wide, .80 inches wide at thickest point. Individual flap thickness, .33 inches.

Wallet Price $120

This is an interesting and excellent designed wallet from Shane. As you can see in the pictures it is extremely well made and high quality. While the wallet is thick, it is still smaller than your average billfold wallet. It has 3 slots for your credit cards, business cards, etc., and a 4th slot that opens up more to be able to put your cash and receipts.

The Dublin leather is soft to the touch, and has natural imperfections in it that only get better with age to give the leather great character. Similar to that old leather bomber jacket many of us at one point had or still have. Basically the more you carry and use this, the better it is going to look in my opinion.

The wallet was stiff upon arrival, as is to be expected with leather of this thickness. I have been using this wallet for just about 2 months and it stays perfectly closed at this point and feels great in the pocket. This is easily the nicest wallet, I have ever used.
And it's very practical. I don't carry a lot of cash these days, and have been looking for the perfect wallet. I had a slim wallet from another maker, and the construction was great, but it only had two horizontal slots in it for cards and such. You had to really fold up any cash or receipts to get them in there, and because it had no angled edges, it was hard to get stuff out of it, especially when in a hurry.

Shane has really seemed to make a design here that is not only smaller than your average wallet, but still very useful. I have stuffed the cash slot with a bunch of cash and papers, and have put all my cards in the other slots no problem. And there are no issues in retrieving them when you need them.
Do not be afraid to load this wallet up. The construction is what you would expect from a wallet of this price, and unless you were really abusing it, I doubt you can damage it. The pigskin lining is very soft, but also gives the wallet flexibility.

For me, this is the perfect wallet, as far as what I was looking for. But, if this is not for you, Shane also makes a few other designs, and he might even be able to make you one completely custom, just tell him what you are looking for.

One thing is for sure. Shane David is serious about leather and perfecting his craft. If everything else he makes is anything like these two examples, Shane should be in business for a very long time.

Yes, this wallet is expensive, but in reality not much more expensive than his straps, and there is a lot more work in making a wallet, and still cheaper than most straps from a lot of strap makers. All of Shane's products are all handmade and hand stitched. So just like anything else, you are buying it because it is handmade as opposed to factory made. You are paying for craftsmanship. But, I see no reason that this might be the last wallet you ever buy. It is that well made.

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