VIDEO: New John Isaac Geneve Watch Company Commercial – First Look

This just in. Check out the new commercial for the John Isaac Geneve watch company. Very cool and stylish commercial in our opinion. Great music also.

Check it out Freeks!

John Isaac Geneve

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New Reactor Website Launched and Live

Just heard today that the long long awaited new Reactor website has gone live today. We will be taking a deeper look at the new site and posting our thoughts in the coming weeks.

What do you think?

Screenshot of the new Reactor company website

Feedback please

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The New Reactor Gryphon

AGOURA HILLS, CALIF. (MARCH, 2012) — REACTOR, maker of the world’s most durable and progressive sport watches, today announced the introduction of the Gryphon, a new watch developed from the ground up exceed the demands of active duty military and LE personnel and the company’s first use of a unique new polymer-steel hybrid case construction.

Gryphon features a unique “case-in-a-case” construction that combines the best attributes of stainless steel and high-tech polymers. “Plastics are great for their weight and durability against abrasion,” said Reactor President Jimmy Olmes, “but you cannot meet our standards for strength or water resistance with plastics alone, so we set out to find a way.” The result is a solid 316L stainless steel core that provides integrity for all the key interface points. The special K-1 hardened crystal mounts with an I ring into stainless steel, the screw down crown is welded into the stainless steel core and the forged stainless steel case back threads into the stainless steel core providing maximum water resistance over the long term. This internal core is then wrapped with a strong and highly impact resistant, reinforced polymer that REACTOR calls Nitromid™. The end result is a hybrid watch with all the integrity of solid 316L stainless steel and all the shock and abrasion resistance of a hi- impact polymer.

“Our black-plated watches have been very popular with our military and LE customers,” said Olmes, “but black IP over stainless is still more reflective than we would like, and it can be scratched, revealing the bare metal underneath. The Gryphon has a truly non-reflective surface that will not show a scratch, and it is lighter weight without sacrificing any strength.”

In addition to this unique case construction REACTOR developed a new strap that combines the comfort and odor resistant capabilities of AA grade silicone with the tensile strength of polyester webbing. Taking inspiration from their highly successful natural rubber and silicone band used on other REACTOR watches, REACTOR overlaid a tightly woven polyester webbing that serves as the interface at the case. This provides unprecedented strength, durability and comfort without the perspiration-absorption issues of normal webbing-based straps.

Gryphon features a 42mm case with a unidirectional, 120 click timing bezel, REACTOR’s patented Never Dark dial technology, combining tritium tubes and Superluminova, and a depth rating of 200M. Solid stainless steel screw bars are used to secure the strap to the case providing a case to band interface that supports well over 300 lbs. Gryphon will be available in 4 different dial colors with coordinating bands, and is slated to ship in early May with a suggested retail of $350.00.

For more information on REACTOR call, 800 291-6600 or visit

Unique styling and an uncompromising commitment to quality are what set REACTOR WATCH apart from the crowded watch market. Founded in 2003 by veteran sport watch guru Jimmy Olmes, REACTOR’s goal is to make “the best performance sport watch… period”. Every REACTOR model is built to meet and exceed demanding Swiss standards while offering an unprecedented value in fine watches.

The New Gryphon from Reactor

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VIDEO: New looks at the upcoming H2O Orca Mono Model And Case Design

2 new Videos released today from H2O Watch Company showing the new H2O Orca Mono model and case design. We are looking forward to seeing new videos and images as the company releases them. Of course we will post them here on the Watch Freeks blog!

From YouTube: The H2O ORCA MONO! The H2O ORCA series with 5 outer and 2 different inner cases. Several different dials and handsets allows you to customize your watch by yourself.

More information can be found at

H2O Orca Mono Model and Case

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Video: The new Seiko Astro GPS Solar. The first truly global watch.

This watch is pretty cool and looks really hot also. Check out the video for the new Seiko Astro GPS Solar. Amazing technology.

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Making of the Rolex Deepsea Challenge experimental watch

Great video and website about this giant and special Rolex model. This model is 51.4mm wide x 28.5mm tall. It has a 14.3mm sapphire crystal and a water resistance of 12,000 meters!

From the DeepSea Challenge website: We know less about the deepest points on our planet than we do about the surface of Mars. The DEEPSEA CHALLENGE team is dedicated to advancing the world’s understanding of our ocean’s vast range of biological and geological phenomena. The historic expedition to the Mariana Trench’s lowest point, the Challenger Deep, which lies 6.83 miles (10.99 kilometers) below the ocean surface, is the first extensive scientific exploration in a manned submersible of the deepest spot on Earth. Piloting the DEEPSEA CHALLENGER, which is outfitted for scientific exploration, James Cameron will conduct tests, collect samples, and …. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST AND LEARN MORE

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Video Animation Released Of The New H2O Orca Case Changing System

This new video released today by H2O Watches gives you a good view of how the new case changing system on their Orca models will work. More information coming soon!

From YouTube:

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New H2O Orca Model Announced

3/27/12: H2O Watches announced a new model today called the H2O Orca. The concept behind the new model is an innovative customization concept with user exchangeable inner & outer watch case.  This gives the owner/wearer of this model a vast variety of options and styles to choose from.

From the H2O website:

The H2O ORCA Concept:
Create a new look of your H2O ORCA watch within seconds by simply

  •     inserting a new inner case with different dial and handset layout or
  •     exchanging the outer case against one of our initial 5 outer case designs.

The H2O ORCA Design:
The design and construction has been made entirely in-house by H2O with our own German engineer, who is a dive watch enthusiast since many years with over 24 dive watches and an active member of a German watch forum. We have developed for the H2O ORCA some unique patent pending solutions. As we are working with our own engineer we could speed up our developments and will extend the H2O ORCA system continuously. In short time we will receive our first CNC milling machine to be able to start manufacturing parts in our German office.

The H2O ORCA Main Features:

  •     THINNER (13.50mm flat sapphire front glass / 15.50mm highly domed sapphire front glass)
  •     SHORTER (51.00-54.00mm)
  •     HARDER (hardened 316L / 7x harder compared to normal 316L)
  •     5 different outer cases
  •     2 different inner cases with flat or highly domed crystal
  •     2 different 120-click bezel with sapphire or stainless steel inlay / each bezel and case could be combined (except H2O ORCA MONO case)
  •     3 different dials incl. sandwich / 2 unique handsets
  •     5mm thick, 2-sided (round+straight styling) bracelet with HEX-screws and highly decorated micro-adjustment clasp

Here are the first pictures posted on the H2O website of the new H2O Orca series.  You can click on each image below to see a larger version of the picture.

H2O Orca Dress

H2O Orca Dress

H2O Orca Dive

H2O Orca Classic

H2O Orca Vintage

H2O Orca Mono

More information and discussion about the new H2O Orca can be found on the Watch Freeks forum by CLICKING HERE.

What do you think about the new models and the entire concept of the H2O Orca series?


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Winner of the Watch Freeks Photo Contest Revealed.

Great picture by Spanky1. Click on the image to see full size.

More details about the contest and winner can be found at

Congrats Spanky1 and thank you to everyone who participated.

Also, special thanks to Combat Straps who sponsored the Photo Contest on Watch Freeks.  Please take a moment to check them out online and on Facebook.

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Watch Freeks Review: Oris Aquis 300m Diver

Originally posted on the Watch Freeks forum on 3/16/12.

Oris Aquis First Impressions:
I was expecting the Aquis to look much smaller, only because of seeing how the Oris TT1 44m plays smaller due to the donut case shape. I was wrong. Also the second I opened it out of the box, I fell in love with the clasp, a truly inventive and unique divers extension clasp. I also noticed, just how bright and stark the black and white colors of the watch were. 

In my opinion, one thing we all look for in a more high end or expensive watch, is better presentation. Well, maybe we don’t look for it, but I think we have come to expect it. Oris does not disappoint here. The entire presentation box weighs 4 pounds. It comes in a black and red hard cardboard outer box. Inside reveals the Oris divers helmet, which actually holds the watch. It almost looks like a spaceship as well. Upon opening it, you see the watch very securely sitting horizontally inside the helmet, and if you wanted to , could leave it open and use it to put the watch on display. Under the bottom of the box is a slot which reveals the Oris manual, history, Oris registration and warranty card.  I mean, its the watch that really counts, but I do have to say, this presentation, does make you more excited about the watch, just knowing how much detail went into packaging.

Oris Aquis Dial:
The dial is black and lightly textured. All lettering is done in stark white. Also the hour markers and hands are filled with white lume. Both the hands and hour markers are outlined in brushed stainless steel. One thing I noticed which is different from a lot of brands, is it only says Oris on the dial and does not say the model name, Aquis. Actually , no where’s on the watch does it mention the model name. Date is at the 6 o’clock position, and is white on black, matching the dial. You can see the ….. CLICK HERE TO READ THE REST OF THE REVIEW AND SEE THE VIDEO

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