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Originally Posted by 59yukon01 View Post
Congrats! Two things you mentioned I noticed with mine as well. Crown action is probably the smoothest of all my watches, and I've come to appreciate the 20mm bracelet on this watch, as opposed to the 22mm that everybody wishes it had.
Beside the obvious beauty, that crown action really was striking. I can feel the gears connecting as I wind and it is just so damn smooth! Clearly the engineering of the teeth on the gears is so precise that they just fit together like glove. Really impressive.

Retail wise, this is my most expensive watch thus far, so is should't be too surprised of the quality compared to the rest of my collection. The exception is a Bulova I paid nearly full retail on that was just a tad more than I paid for this Sumo. The movement on that Bulova is a Miyota and quite impressive in its own right. However, the crisp feel of this 6R15 really seems superior. I'm curious to see how accurate it is over the next few days. I set it to exact time at 1825 last evening. I'll check it again tonight, and probably the next few nights. I anticipate me wearing this this a few days in a row! To date, my Bulova and my Alpha Univeral Time have been the most accurate. Both within +/- 10 seconds. really the Alpha is closer to +/- 5, and that is a $100 watch! The fit and finish; however, is $100 worthy.
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