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It has arrived! Attempted delivery on Monday (Super fast shipping!!!), but I wasn't there to sign, so I had to pick it up yesterday. Sorry, no unboxing video. I did take some photos with my nice camera that I'll have to post later. For now, you get the cell phone shot.

The fit and finish is incredible! The brushed top, the high polished sides, and the "S" engraved crown! The hand winding is buttery smooth! I worried a little that the case may be a bit big for my wrist, and then the 20mm lugs a bit too skinny; however, neither one of those issues panned out. I think it fits my wrist nicely, and the bracelet does not seem too thin to me. The deep blue matte finished dial is beautiful, and the hour markers really pop with the chrome boarder around them. The lume is quite bright at first, and though it fades quickly, it was still readable when I awoke this morning.

Sizing the collar and pin system proved a bit tricky, yet still doable with some watch tools I own. It's a fairly heavy watch, but not as bad as I expected, and I do believe it may be a tad lighter than my Planet Orient.

Overall, after wearing a few hours last night, and now for couple this morning, I am thoroughly impressed!
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