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"That bad" in what sense?

Just to be clear. Was this the same used watch from the same vendor with one price in store and a different price online?

If it is I just suspect they were trying to remain price competitive in the vast online market. If this is the situation I can't blame them, if they were listing their watches online for bricks and mortar pricing they would never sell a single watch.

Under normal circumstances I try to support local businesses as much as I can even though it may cost a bit more. I think having a vibrant, diverse independent business community is extremely important. That said, watches are a bit different. The mark up is often so enormous in bricks and mortar stores there's just no way to reasonably support them with my business. $10 here and there to buy local is very different than a $800 spread on a single watch purchased online.

It's too bad, because what happens is the little guys close down. The local shops contract the product lines they carry and the consumers lose out.
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