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Default Just Ordered: Seiko Blumo [updated 1.16.17 w/ pictures/video]


I ordered the Seiko Blumo from Rakuten! This is really a Christmas gift from my S.O. (more below on that front).

Pic taken from Seiko USA site.

The lady bought me a chrono Shinola for Christmas, nice watch, I'm just not a big chrono fan.

Pic taken from

I liked. Didn't love it. We went back to Nordstrom Rack and there weren't any Runwells that I liked, so we just returned it.
I felt bad. My face showed my lack of loving it when I unwrapped it, and she was quite upset. I'm a terrible partner.
Anyway, I've been looking at some divers in the more affordable range for a while. Seiko comes instantly to mind. I have never been really in to divers, more a pilot watch, field watch, or 24-hour purist. This forum has made me more interested in divers.
I considered a Turtle too and landed on the Sumo (Blumo) because of the upgraded movement and the great price I found on Rakuten. Some are familiar with my post asking about Rakuten HERE asking for some feedback/advice. I pulled the trigger. The email confirmation noted shipping on 1/6/2017. When it comes in I'll post some wrist shot. How about an unboxing video? Anyone? Jokes!

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