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Default Watch Review: New Boschett Reef Ranger

*** Please Note - This is a long review and is broken up into multiple posts ***

James aka TVDinner

Watch Being Reviewed: Boschett Reef Ranger

Company Website -
Company Facebook page -

Boschett Reef Ranger Model Description (from the Boschett Website):
Description from Company Website: The Reef Ranger has everything you'd expect from a professional timepiece. You have the tools required of a true diver's watch (316L stainless steel, 300 meter water resistance, sapphire crystal (front an back), shock protection, screw down crown, superb luminescence, and a unidirectional bezel) as well as the attention to detail demanded of discerning owners (smooth winding, tight fit and finish, solid end link bracelet with screws in the links). Not only is it beautiful on the outside, it is just as stunning on the inside because we didn't just throw in any standard movement. Inside, this baby beats with the heart of a Swiss Made, Top Grade, 26 jewel, Sellita SW-200 movement, beating at 28,800bph
(Source - )

Boschett Reef Ranger Model Specs: (From Boschett website)
Movement - Top Grade Sellita SW-200 with Boschett signed rotor
316L surgical grade SS
300m water resistant
Sapphire crystals - front and back
Screw-down crown and caseback
Solid end link bracelet with screws
Superluminova treated hands and applied markers
Dimensions: Case - 42mm w/o crown,
44mm with crown
Height - 12.65mm,
Bracelet - 22mm wide,
Lug-to-lug - 50mm
Available with black and blue dials
MSRP $825

Boschett Reef Ranger
Stock Photo: (Image from Boschett website)

Boschett Reef Ranger First Impressions:

My first impression when I opened the outer shipping box was "WOW, the watch "case" this watch comes in is awesome". More on that below.

Once I opened the case and saw the watch the first features I was drawn to was how the hands and markers vividly stand out against the jet black dial. Even wrapped in protective plastic you notice right away how easy this watch is to read due to the colors used. Even the border outline of the hour and minute hands help with the overall readability factor.

I also immediately noticed "the teeth". For me this was in 2 places. First on the dial each dial marker looks like 2 sharp teeth that have been pushed together. Second the top edge of the wide groves found on the side of the bezel extend above the top face of the watch. This creates a real industrial feel. I initially thought of a moving gear in a watch movement or inside an engine. This really adds a 3-D dimension to the watch that is very interesting.

Finally I was surprised by how the watch has a lot less obvious curvature to the lugs then others I have seen BUT still has the feel and look of a watch that is shaped to hug the slope of either sides of your wrist.

Boschett Reef Ranger

I have many times said the Croton Travel case that used to come with some of their watches was one of the best accessories I had ever received with a watch. The watch case that comes with the Reef Ranger is that nice and very well done. In all honesty this case should be used on a dresser for 2 watches, your rings, cufflinks, etc. And it can definitely be used as a GREAT travel case when going on trips.

Inside the case you find 2 slots for the Boschett warranty and manual information (more below). In future use and if you use this case when traveling these slots could be used for receipts, or to hold other cards you collect. Very convenient.
In the actual case you have 2 clearly defined areas for watches. one for a watch to be put on a pillow and the other for a watch to be laid down and held in place with rubber straps. You can also use the flat longer opening to hold extra straps, watch tools, bracelets, etc
Finally there is a separate box (with snap down top) area where rings, earnings, cufflinks, and other smaller items can be securely stored.

Another view of the available storage space inside the box the Reef Ranger comes in.

I love that Boschett has gone completely paperless with their documentation. EVERY company should do this and this is the first time I have seen this. Inside the box you will find 2 plastic cards. One is the card with your warranty information and numbers written on back (lower right red card in image below).
The other card has an integrated USB thumb drive that you simple stick in your computer and have all the documentation for the watch! This is fantastic and totally Earth - friendly!

Picture of the backside of the documentation card and how the USB thumb drive for your computer folds out. (Please note that the picture below is from my Boschett Cave Dweller. Just wanted to show that Boschett is using these for all watches)

Boschett Reef Ranger First Look:

Right out of the box you see the white markers and hands and how they stand off nicely against the dark background.

There is minimal use of color but it is well done with a shock of red for the model name above the 6 position and the end and tip of the moving second hand.

On the wrist the watch sits nicely and is very comfortable. One thing I will talk about below is that the Reef Ranger has BOTH a casual diver-style feel AND a dressier watch feel due to how sleek it is and the lower profile of the model.

Boschett Reef Ranger Non Crown Side

Very clean look a lot lower profile that many of the giant chunky divers available today. This watch is going to appeal to people who loved the Cave Dweller but it is just way to tall for them. At 12mm tall it is comparable to many dress-style watches that easily fit under the cuff of a suit shirt.

This is also a good view of something I mentioned above. This watch feels both flat and curvy at the same time. The lugs themselves are not necessarily shorter then on other watches but an illusion is created by the the 3 dimension of the stacked surface of the side of the case. The lugs appear shorter due to this on initial view.

In this picture you can clearly see how the side of the case "bumps out" with an additional level on the side that is shorter then side of the case and lugs behind it. This also adds to the illusion of the curvature of the watch, which you can see below hugs my wrist nicely. The top edge of the lugs curve traditionally downward while the bottom descending edges are more more angular and straight. This is further accentuated and highlighted with the bumped out portion of the sides of the case.

You can also see the hex screws for the bracelet. Notice to in this image the deep groves of the bezel and how they extend above top edge.

Boschett Reef Ranger Crown side

On this side of the watch it is all about the "B". I am a big fan of stamped crowns and think it really completes a watch case. The crown is crisply stamped with the company "B" and the crown is very easy to manipulate. Same 3 dimension feel on this site as mentioned above on the other side of the case.

Boschett Reef Ranger Bracelet

I am a big big fan of bracelets that do not taper or only taper slighly, especially on watches that are under 44mm. This bracelet does not taper at all from case to clasp. Traditional 3 row bracelet that has good thickness and weight as you will see below. Evenly brushed and overall well done.

I do like bracelets that use screws and this one has that feature throughout. You can also see the thickness of the links in this picture.

Boschett Reef Ranger Clasp:

I separated out the clasp from the bracelet section because Boschett uses my favorite clasp of any company on their Cave Dweller models and again on the Reef Ranger. The clasp as a built in extender feature that simply slides out with a push of the buttons on either side. This is fantastic. In addition to that built in feature there are 3 standard micro adjustments also incorporated into the design.

Clasps like this give the wearer A LOT of flexibility in getting the perfect fit regardless of the season or .... weight gain, lol

Here you can see the extender feature of the clasp opened up.

Finally on the Reef Ranger model additional work and finishing has been done on the clasp with the metal work shown below. It is a nice extra that I do not have on any other watch I currently own.

Another side view of the clasp extended and the additional 3 micro adjustments available.

Boschett Reef Ranger Case Back

Very well done and decorated throughout. The Top Grade Sellita SW-200 movement with Boschett signed rotor is very attractive to look at though the sapphire case back opening.

The company branding is consistent on the case back as we again see the full name engraved in the case back and the "B" logo stamped on the rotor.

The case back is screwed down.

This close up picture is a cut out view of the movement I took (the white spec on the "B" logo is dust. sorry about that). You can really see the gears of the movement and some of the decoration from this view.

Stamped on the rotor with the logo are the words "26 TWENTY-SIX JEWELS SWISS MADE"

Boschett Reef Ranger Dial, Bezel, Case

My goal with these pictures was to take some close up shots to highlight the key features of the watch. (I apologize for any dust in the pictures below)

The first picture below is a picture of the actual dial. I cut it out to give a close up view of the Reef Ranger's dial.

The main thing that jumps out at me every time I look at the Reef Ranger is just how clean and in proportion it is to look at. I am a big fan of 3 hand watches but NOT of ones that seem to have markers that are to small or hands that are to narrow - creating wide open wasted space that proportionally makes the entire dial look strange. Same thing for many diver style watches that have markers that are to large, or hands that don't aesthetically work well with the rest of the features. Again you end up with a dial that just looks "off" if you understand what I am saying. On this dial the spacing and size of everything feels right. The overall layout is open, but still connected. No one feature overpowers something else and everything works very well together.

You can also see how easy it is to see where the hands are and read the date window with the colors used.

The next picture below was taken mainly to show again how deep, clean, and sharply done some of the characteristics and features are on the Reef Ranger.

First notice the crown and how deep the groves are. This makes is very easy to manipulate. You can also see the "B" stamped on the end of it. Again very clear and very cleanly done.

Next - the bezel. I looked closely at the numbers and markings engraved on the bezel. Everything is CRISP and all lines are very clean. We have all seen sloppy engraving and bad paint jobs on dials. It looks really horrible and very noticeable (in a bad way). The Reef Ranger showed no issues even under high macro magnification.

You will also see the deep the engraving rows on the side of the bezel are making this bezel super easy to grab and turn if desired. I love my Boschett Cave Dweller but the bezel on the Reef Ranger is WAY WAY easier to turn and move.

The bezel on the Reef Ranger is a 120 click bezel and each movement firmly snaps into place. I am a little nuts when it comes to bezels and how they operate. I always look for a bezel that is NOT loose or flimsy once in position. For each of my watches I listen to the sound they make when the bezel is turned. In my opinion a bezel click should be sharp. The movement of the bezel should be hard to move, but not impossible. Obviously we dont want a bezel that just spins or moves out of place every time you move your wrist or put your hand in your pocket. I closely check the "give" a bezel has as it moves into each "locked" position. The bezel on the Reef Ranger passed all of my test and proved firm and precise. Additionally all of the dots/numbers/markers on the top of the bezel line up exactly with the corresponding lines on the dial. Again a sign that the watch was put together correctly and with some care.

Please also note the side of the case as was mentioned above. You can clearly see the additional level/surface along the side of the case which gives this case greater size, dimension, and depth.

Another close up side view of the crown, screws, bezel and case shape

The printing on the dial is also very crisp. Many times when I do close up pictures like this for reviews some of the printing is not "clean" at very close views. The printing on this dial is very even and uniform as you can see below. NO touch up work was done on the image below.

It is important that the dial markers are applied evenly and cleanly - just like the printing mentioned above. Very clean and accurate application on the Reef Ranger dial as you can see in the close up picture below.

Crown side view featuring the deep groves. You can also see how clean the engraving on the top of the bezel is. There is no paint outside of the lines or other imperfections I could find.

The sapphire crystal sits flat across the top of the case. This adds to the very clear visibility of the dial. I also found less glare and reflection with how the dial is set.

Boschett Reef Ranger on the wrist

My wrist is approx 7 1/4 inches.

Taking pictures of this watch was fun because they almost all came out well. There was very little glare or reflection off the crystal. As you will see in many pictures it does not look like there is a crystal at all.

The watch wears very comfortably. I never found the that the crown was digging into me or any type of comfort issues. The weight is very evenly distributed through the bracelet and case.

The case construction on the sides (as mentioned above) gives the overall case a larger look as it is wider below the bezel as shown.

Great view of the lugs, bracelet and the case and how they all come together.

Boschett Reef Ranger Lume

Lume was excellent and initially very bright after normal exposure to sunlight. The specs say Superluminova treated hands and applied markers. As you can see below it is very evenly applied. I am a big fan of the lume pip on the bezel which was a nice addition as well.

I found this watch very easy to read in the dark when the lume was charged. The lume lasted about as long as all other watches I have had with Superluminova.

Boschett Reef Ranger Movement
Movement - Top Grade Sellita SW-200 with Boschett signed rotor.

Here is a picture from Sellita of the movement

I have worn this watch for 4 straight days for approx 12-14 hours a day. Each day I put it on around the same time in the morning, put it down in same spot at night (next to G Shock that is being set by radio control to atomic clock) and then did it all again the next day.

I have recorded the time each day and compared it to my other watches, including to that are COSC certified. My unofficial accuracy findings have shown that the watch I am reviewing has run approx 3-4 seconds slow per day, which is excellent performance. The sweep of the second hand is nice and smooth and shows no jumping, hesitation, or jerking while moving around the dial.

Boschett Reef Ranger
Final Thoughts

This was an interesting and fun watch to review. Wearing this all week and for both business and social events I found myself realizing that I could not classify it as just a "diver-style" watch. Sure it has a real 300m of water resistance and the initial look of a traditional diver, - but I found it to be more then just that.

The watch is sleek and wears close to the wrist. For that reason I was easily able to wear it below my suit & tie shirts and jackets. It has a classy look but one that does not loose the aggressive feel of a diver. I felt equally comfortable wearing it with jeans and a polo pullover. The Reef Ranger is a very versatile model and able to be worn in just about every setting.

As my watch tastes have evolved I have found myself attracted to watches in the 42 - 45mm range which is where the Reef Ranger falls. The 22mm non tapering bracelet made the model more attractive to me and I have already stated my love for the clasp Boschett uses. The movement performed better then advertised. I honestly could not find any negative flaws or features of the watch to report. The Reef Ranger is a very solid model that is well thought out, designed, and constructed. It can easily be your everyday watch that will be perfect for any situation.

Thank you again to Keith from Boschett for providing this watch for review on Watch Freeks.

Thank you for reading.

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As with past reviews I have done I always take my own measurements to show the memebers and confirm the posted information provided by the companies.

Boschett Reef Ranger
unofficial measurements:

Case size without crown = 42mm

Case size with crown = 44mm

Lug to Lug length = 50mm

Case thickness = 12.65mm

Bracelet width at case = 22mm

Bracelet width at clasp = 22mm

Crown diameter = 7mm

Clasp extension can add up to 13mm in additional adjustment/sizing

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Boschett Reef Ranger Fun Pictures.

This watch was a lot of fun to photograph so I took the opportunity to get a little creative.


Warning! Reef Ranger attached

Driving hands on the wheel with the Reef Ranger.

1,000,000 Cubic Feet!

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Wow, having just got my Cave Dweller, I must resist....I see hex screws too!

Thanks James, great pics and attention to detail
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Awesome review.
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I really love all the precise measurements and the creative photography, James. Beautiful watch and super review. Thanks.
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Great review. You must spend hours on these.
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Really thorough review as usual James! Great pictures! The Reef Ranger is one versatile watch!
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great pictures. I love the watch.
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I was going to start off by saying that their years of experience show in this piece. Quality, attention to detail and ultimately understanding the term "Know your Customer" are obviously tenets of Boschett. However, to discover that they have only been operating since 2007 amazed me. It takes a very long time for companies to "Get it right" and six years isn't a whole lot of time in business terms.

All I can say is that they must have an excellent team to provide such excellent quality pieces time and time again at such a price point. I envisage a very bright future for Boschett. Hats off to them.

Excellent review James, you did this piece justice. Time well spent in my opinion.
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Great review! After my CD arrived, I was quite impressed, and the review has put the reef ranger on my radar.
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Fantastic review and pics!
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Thank you for the review and great pics. Boschett is certainly making its own niche in the watch field with some nice pieces. With a seemingly high quality watches one can't go wrong if he likes the looks.
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Wow, great review !
Thank you...

Like the overall look of this watch. Especially the bezel.
Looks very grippie !

Nice job from Keith.
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Thanks for all the great comments everyone. Was a fun watch to review.
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Wow, fantastic pics and review James. The watch is killer and if I had the cash I would order one today.
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great review measurements were really appreciated. Like the watch, especially the movement in it.
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Fantastic review James.
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Wonderful review James. I love the versatility of this model.
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