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Name of Reviewer: James - TVDinner
Name of person who took pictures in review: James - TVDinner
Watch Name / Model Being Reviewed / Brand: Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V

How Watch Was Obtained: Purchased by Reviewer

Brand Info:
Casio USA:
Casio Timepieces -
Casio Contact Via Email -
Casio International Contact Links -

About Casio (from their website):
Casio Computer Co., Ltd., Tokyo, Japan, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of consumer electronics and business equipment solutions, established in 1957. Casio America, Inc. markets calculators, keyboards, digital cameras, business projectors, disc title and label printers, watches, cash registers and other consumer electronic products. Casio has strived to realize its corporate creed of “creativity and contribution” through the introduction of innovative and imaginative products.

Model: Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V

Link to this model line on Casio Website:
Please note - this watch IS NOT shown on the Casio USA website and is only found on the Casio International Website. It seems that only some Edifice models are available in the USA and the rest have to be purchased from over seas.
- All Casio Edifice Models:
- This model's page:

Base Price:
Approximately $80 - $150 USD

Availability: Google Shopping Link for CASIO EDIFICE EF 546D

Product Description and Specs
from Casio International Site
( Link To Source )
Date display at 4 o'clock
100-meter water resistance
Stainless steel case and band
EDIFICE logo stamped on the crown, back cover, and buckle.
Case / bezel material: Stainless steel
"Double-lock, 1-press, 3-fold Buckle"
Stainless Steel Band
Solid Band
100-meter water resistance
Mineral Glass
Screw Lock Back
Partial ion plated
1-second stopwatch
Measuring capacity: 11:59'59
Measuring mode: Elapsed time
Date display
Regular timekeeping
Analog: 3 hands (hour, minute, stopwatch seconds),
3 dials (timekeeping second, stopwatch hours, stopwatch minutes)
Accuracy: ±20 seconds per month
Approx. battery life: 2 years on SR927W
Size of case: 52.5 X 44.9 X 10.8 mm
Total weight: 170 g

First Impression:
I first saw this watch at an event I was working at in early June. A guest was wearing it and I had a chance to see it pretty close, but not speak with the guy or handle the watch. I noticed it right away and liked the look. The watch had a real "Omega-look" to it at first glance, but then some other styling and features I was attracted to. I was interested and started to research online to learn more about this model.

After looking around I started to see many of the Casio Edifice models and actually like many of them from the sales listings online. I found that many of the ones I really liked were not readily available in the USA and were only available overseas. So after some more research and searching I found a seller that had this model I was interested in, but they were in Singapore. The price was right and I paid $90 total which included the shipping.

And then the WAIT began. It took 21 days for the watch to reach me after the day I paid for it. And it was 21 days with no tracking to see where the watch. The company I bought the watch from did send me a tracking number that never ever worked on any of the tracking websites they told me I could track my package on, lol. Typical overseas buying experience as I had dealt with in the past with other similar purchases.

So after 3 weeks a package magically arrived at my office. It was a SMALL brown box. Very small box. Inside was the watch, wrapped twice in bubble wrap and then shrink wrapped. I guess it was safely packaged, but no company watch box or anything like that. Also in the box was an instruction manual and warranty card.

My first impression was that the watch had good overall size and looked exactly like I remembered it from the month before at the event, but it was also pretty light weight weight overall. I was immediately pleased with the way the black on the dial and silver of the markers and sub dials played off each other. I also liked the thin black bezel that gave the watch a larger feel with the bigger dial opening. I also immediately noticed the high polish links in the middle of the brushed links on the bracelet.

Watch Box:
I did not get one, lol. I purchased mine from an Ebay buyer in Singapore (SkyWatches) and mine came in a plain cardboard box and wrapped in bubble wrap. The watch also came with a small paper manual and a yellow paper Casio Waranty Certificate. That is it.

The small picture below is from the Casio International Website. This is a picture of actual box this watch normally comes in. As you can see it is not really a special box.

Case - Crown Side:
The Edifice logo is stamped on the crown. The other 2 pushers are basic and unbranded. Overall a clean and high polished case look.
I found the crown a little hard to manipulate and grab with the crown guards and the smaller crown size, but it was manageable. The crown does not screw down to the case.

Case - Non Crown Side:
High polish again on this side. Nothing much to report other then very clean look overall and low profile of the watch case. Bezel sits very low on the case as you can see.

Case, Bezel, Dial and Hands:
This is where this watch shines. The dial and bezel are very nice looking. The black on the bezel and dial is solid and very dark. This really helps the silver color of the letter, rings and numbers stand out and honestly "shine" when the light hits them.
There is a three dimension to the hour markers and sub dial rings that have been applied to the dial. This is a nice touch. Additionally the silver sub dial rings at the 12 and 6 position seem to slope slightly downward, again creating depth and dimension to the overall look of the watch.
The hour and minute hands are somewhat plain and boring but DO seem to work with the overall design and layout of the dial and watch.
I am a big fan of the narrow bezel on this watch and it reminds me narrow bezel on my Marathon or X-Wind watches. Very nice looking with the numbers and then silver inner bezel ring.
The date window is at the 4 position. It is not large or small, but is easy to read with the white background and black lettering against the black dial around it. Next to the 3 position is the brand and watch name and info.
The moving second hand is in the sub dial at the 6 postion and is very easy to view and see.

The picture below was taken on a red cloth. You can see how the markers and sub dials reflect the colors. These are almost a mirror finish on these features which creates the reflection of the light.

My measurements:
Watch is 46mm wide including the crown
Crystal opening is 35mm wide which is due mainly to the narrow overall size of the bezel.

This watch definitely wears larger then its listed size due to the larger dial opening and narrow bezel. Also the angle and shape of the lugs and the integrated bracelet also adds the over appearance of a larger size watch then the 44mm listed size.

The lugs on the case slant down pretty sharply on the top of the lugs, but much less on the shorter bottom. The watch wears very comfortably on the wrist. Which leads to the next major discussion point with this watch - the integrated and somewhat inexpensive bracelet .....

Bracelet and Clasp:
My measurements:
The Lugs are 26.5mm wide at the top outside edge of the lugs where they connect to the case.
The Lugs are 24mm wide at the bottom outside edge of the lugs.
Bracelet is 24mm wide at the top by the lugs
Bracelet tapers down to 20mm at the clasp.

This bracelet is 100% integrated into the case. I don't really see any way you could swap out the bracelet for a strap of other option. So if you get this one you are keeping the bracelet. I did see on the Edifice website that they have some other models that are VERY similar but have a different lug and bracelet set up that would allow for swapping with straps, etc.

The bracelet is a combination of brushed (outside top) and polished (middle AND edges to match polished case). I do not have a problem with this and it looks good with the case. I have seen this same polish/brush combination on many other watches.

Overall the biggest issue with this bracelet is that it is just light weight compared to most of my other watches. "Cheap" is not the word I would use for it because I have seen FAR lighter and worse bracelets. This one just feels "light". The links are 3mm thick by my measurements.

The bracelet is tight and solid against the case and overall the rattle is not that bad at all compared to some other watches in the $75-100 range I have handled in the past. Overall weight of this watch is listed at 170g.

Good view of the polish and brushed on the bracelet -

There are many removable links and sizing options on both sides of the bracelet and 4 micro adjustments on the clasp. This is very positive for sizing.

Other side of the clasp.

Here is a better view of how the case/lugs and the bracelet come together on the outside of the bracelet.
You can also see the slant of the top side of the lugs down to the integrated bracelet. It reminds me of some of the integrated Seiko watches I have seen. But one nice difference is that the lug length overall is shorter so this watch. That helps it not have that stiff/solid feel on both sides of the case that makes some watches stand way up on the wrist when the lugs are longer and connect to a similar integrated bracelet.

This picture shows how the case and integrated bracelet come together on the underside of the watch. All brushed on the underside of the bracelet.

The clasp is a "Double-lock, 1-press, 3-fold Buckle". Nice look with the name and logo stamped on it. Overall average thickness for a clasp.

Case Back:
Solid metal caseback with company logo stamped on it and some other information.





Horrible to be honest. This watch is not for anyone who wants a lot of bright glowing colors and lume on their watches. It is extremely week and even when charged up with a LED flashlight it did not last very long. This is a weak point for this watch but I did not purchase this watch for the lume. I knew it would not be very good just from the overall design and look of the watch I saw in the pictures before purchasing it.

I purchased this watch specifically to be worn during the events we produce each week. That means it will potentially take some hits and bumps. They previous watch I wore for these events had a rubber strap and just did not have a "dressy" enough look that I needed at some of the more upscale functions. For that reason I was looking for a watch with a more affordable price tag that would also have a dressier look and a style that I liked. When I saw this one I instantly was attracted to the overall look of the watch and the design/layout of the dial. In person that design/layout does not disappoint.

Sizing was easy and it is a very comfortable watch on the wrist. The watch has a nice size feel to it and as mentioned above wears larger then the 44mm listed size.

I find the Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V to be a really good value for a quartz watch in the $75-$100 price range. You can find most of the Edifice models in that price range if you are willing to buy from overseas and wait. I have also heard that some of these models are sold in the USA at Khols department stores and some other big box retail stores.

Stock Image Attached:
Attached Thumbnails
Watch Review: Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V Review-ef-546d-1a1v_l.jpg  
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Post Saved For Video and Additional Information
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Refreshing. Very nice review on an affordable good looking piece. Would make the perfect knock around in any collection.
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Nice job with the review James, although I kept expecting you to say "Gotcha!" a couple of times..
I realize that you need a "Banger", but that's why I own a Hamilton. That are very nice, but not a watch I'd wear to a wedding...

Once again, nice review.
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Great Review James and good pics.

For my knockaround watch I usually pic like a G-schock or something, but that should suit you well around the office when you have to go load trucks.

Not a bad watch for the price.
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Post imported post

Nice review. I've had my eye on that one for awile now...very helpful in reading a comprehensive review.

Thanks for postinG

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Wow!!! Fantastic timepiece, James! :cAnd another great review :l

Thanks a lot for sharing, my friend . . .

Capt. Serdal
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Capt. Serdal
Master Mariner
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Not a bad looking watch at all.I dig it.Great review James.
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This " Steady Edie" is one of those items I think, where the one's expectations are (honestly &whole heartedly) exceeded, I suspect. I have come to the conclusion that my ultimate taste in watches must be that they must be unquestionably reliable, with vulgar and ostentatious pretentions well under control AND good VALUE! This may just be the quintessential watch of this type. I LIKE IT! It's the kind of "Harrison Ford" Watch which definitely would draw knowing winks and nods from people into solid dependability and somewhat "go under the radar" looks.
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This is a great review and goes to prove that you don't need to break the bank to get a nice looking, well built and reliable timepiece. Thanks for sharing TV....
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Great review. Thanks.
Think it is a very nice watch for this price
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Nice review! It seems like a very good watch for the purpose you need it for. At first glance it looks like a somewhat expensive watch with the dial setup and the Omega comparison.Great work watch.
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Thanks for the comments on the review. I actually wore this watch last night during the load in and strike of one of our corporate events. It was perfect and gave me the piece of mind to be wearing something I liked, looked good, and could take the punishment if needed. After wearing it for the night I can agree again that it is a sharp looking watch!
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Great review James. I bought one from overseas and it just arrived last week. Real nice watch for the money.
Attached Thumbnails
Watch Review: Casio Edifice EF-546D-1A1V Review-img_0036.jpg  
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KAS67 wrote:
Great review James. I bought one from overseas and it just arrived last week. Real nice watch for the money.
That one looks great also. I like the red inner ring. How long did yours take to get to you?
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The red ring really sets this watch off. It lookd great
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Nice review.
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Post imported post

That's a fine looking piece that I'd have to put on my wish list for sure.
One Day At a Time
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Where did you buy the watch guys?
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Sharp looking indeed - Casio have really upped the ante
Cape Town - The fairest Cape in all the world
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